Technology Due Diligence

Considering a major investment or M&A decision?

Bring us in as an objective third-party, who’s experienced with business, software and technology, to round out your due diligence team and help you make the best decisions – and identify risks and pitfalls to avoid costly mistakes or surprises that could otherwise arise later.


The Importance of Proper Technology Due Diligence

There are many different factors to consider before making a major technology or software company investment or acquisition decision.  And there are many situations where as the investor or potential acquiring entity, you should not (or cannot) directly inspect the technology at the heart of the deal yourself.


Both the big picture and details matter

When contemplating a major technology-based investment decision, seeing the big picture of how the technology supports the business, differentiates it and creates sustainable value is critical to supporting the financial valuation of the deal.

At the same time, how the technology was developed and constructed at the detailed level is equally important, to fully understand the intellectual property that is unique to the company, any third-party code or technology that has been used that could result in licensing, patent or other entanglements and to validate the claims made about the technology.


Objective insights help identify and mitigate potential risks

Using a third-party insulates you and your in-house team from intellectual property contamination risks (in case you decide not to proceed with the deal, and later want to develop a competitive technology yourself). It is important to “crawl through” the details of the technology and intellectual property to validate the various claims and value purported by the technology owners.

It is equally important to understand the technology in terms of its viability in the marketplace, identify barriers to entry, understand intellectual property ownership rights and external technology trends and factors that could pose risks when making a major investment.


Software and technology experts who understand business deals

We understand the M&A and due diligence process, having been involved with dozens of actual investment deals, mergers and acquisitions at both public and private firms over several decades.

Our unique blend of experience with business strategy, product marketing, software and technology, and intellectual property make us a valuable team member for your due diligence team.

We can act as a member of your due diligence team, or lead a technology due diligence team for you, as part of an overall investment or M&A deal.


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