Disruptive Innovation Services

Thinking about introducing a new product line to address an undeserved segment or fuel growth against an entrenched competitor?

Does the way forward to achieving breakthrough growth for your company sometimes seem like a complex maze that must be navigated?

There are many different paths that can lead to innovation, but the one which has, in practice, proven most commercially valuable and repeatable is known as “disruptive innovation.”

Ever wonder how companies conceive of innovations such as Apple’s iPod® and iTunes®, that changed the way music is delivered today?  Or the Swiffer®, which changed how we mop the floor?  How about RedBox®, which is changing how movies and video games are rented by the masses?

These innovations all have one thing in common – the process known as “Disruptive Innovation” . . .

And these innovations have revolutionized how things get done in our lives, while simultaneously adding many billions of dollars to the bottom lines of those who developed them.

Why is it called “disruptive” innovation?

It’s disruptive because the innovations fundamentally alter the way customers perceive getting the job done, disrupting the existing methods being used today (or providing new methods to attract non-customers into the market).

At this point, you might be wondering?

What approach should be taken to identify viable high-growth innovation opportunities?

Breakthrough innovations arise from a combination of:

1. Fully understanding the important jobs to be done in customers’ lives and businesses in your immediate market vicinity (where you have a market presence, available assets, routes to market and partners to leverage)

2. Pinpointing the areas where customers are dissatisfied with existing products and methods, and the outcomes and side-effects being produced

3. Understanding what has prevented non-customers from becoming buyers of the existing products; e.g., price, usability, complexity, access, etc.

4. Identifying and validating ways to address the underserved buyers in new and interesting ways by creation of products and offers that directly address the reasons for dissatisfaction and non-consumption

5. Developing and launching corresponding breakthrough products and services that address these underserved buyers better than existing alternatives.

How can these innovations be validated before investing to reduce risks of failure?

First and foremost, where most innovators go wrong initially is in making too many (and often incorrect) assumptions about customer needs and buyer circumstances, and focusing instead too early on potential ways to innovate.

Step one is to properly validate the market conditions and assumptions about customer needs and preferences of both buyers and potential buyers – then move to step 2, devising the breakthrough solutions to address these growth opportunities.

How can we pinpoint the best innovation opportunities and create viable strategies and pragmatic product and R&D plans to focus upon?

By following a proven process of identifying and validating market opportunities with proper research and analysis, then using an opportunity fact base to guide and inform the R&D process.

Breakthrough innovations often involve a combination of business model innovation with product and technological innovation, so a holistic approach to innovation is needed. We help you pinpoint both the opportunities for successful innovation, and importantly, where your company is capable of successfully executing to actually bring these innovations to market and fruition.


We can help you harness the power of innovation for your business

We can help answer these and other questions you may have about innovation for your company – and enable you to navigate what can seem like a “maze” of options. We help you to filter and select the most suitable innovation pathways available to your company, choosing only the paths actually capable of significant new value creation, reducing the risks typically associated with new product innovation.

To accomplish this, we combine market segmentation and jobs-to-be-done analyses to uncover “underserved” segments of your market. This includes understanding the undesirable outcomes and side-effects produced by current alternatives, which must be addressed in the new offering.

Then we assist your team to objectively quantify and validate the size and scope of each potential opportunity.  A prioritized set of potential innovation solutions are brainstormed and identified by working with your team, then further developed and validated.

Once the best innovation target is vetted, agreed upon and approved, we develop and deliver innovation strategy documents. These documents quantify the opportunity, buyer profiles, “minimum viable product” definition, differentiation strategy, product strategy and roadmap recommendations, plus R&D requirements specifications that include use cases and business model.

These deliverables inform and guide R&D, marketing and launch investment decisions for successful market entry and growth.

And by going through this process with your teams, they learn firsthand how the customer-centered disruptive innovation process works, so it can be applied again in the future to additional opportunities.

If you’re interested in customer-centered disruptive innovation and the enormous growth potential it can unlock for your company, let us discuss your innovation needs and see how we can help…


Our experience and background in Disruptive Innovation 

As background on our qualifications and capabilities in this area… as CTO and VP Product Management with CITRIX Systems from 2001 through 2007, Mr. Braddy underwent extensive training and hands-on application of disruptive innovation. He also helped develop and apply other customer-driven innovation methods as product management strategy leader.

The term Disruptive Innovation was first coined in 1995 by Clayton M. Christensen, professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, and then later popularized in his book entitled “The Innovator’s Dilemma”.  Mr. Braddy received personal training by Clayton Christensen in disruptive innovation concepts and methods in 2004.

Then in 2006, Mr. Braddy commissioned and led a strategic innovation project with Innosight (an innovation strategy company founded by Clayton Christensen and Mark Johnson), whereby disruptive innovation was put into practice with Mr. Braddy, Mark Johnson and several leading Innosight consultants.  During this time, Mr. Braddy gained first-hand experience with applying disruptive innovation that led to various breakthrough innovations for Citrix.

Our unique experience with customer-centered disruptive innovation, software, technology and product marketing can be brought to bear to help you uncover the breakthrough opportunities ready to be discovered and developed by your company.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your innovation needs and assist you in this area.


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“Rick is a terrific visionary with exceptional ability to understand the current flow of a business and extend that vision to where it can/should go in the future. I worked with Rick for years, and his leadership was a key to the success of the team. Truly one of those unique talents you look for in our industry, and hope to have the pleasure of working with if you’re lucky.”

Adam Marano
VP Engineering

“Rick is an exemplary visionary, marketer, and business leader. He has an uncanny ability to discern market needs, work with development teams to build the right product, and deliver it on-time. Additionally, Rick is a relentless innovator matched by his strong ability to execute and “make things happen”

Bryon Thomas
Director, Marketing

"Rick was intrumental in moving Citrix from a single product company to a company with a broad portfolio of products. He also planted the seed of Web marketing and continued to cultivate the value of Web-based techniques throughout his time at Citrix. He continues to provide leadership and guidance to myself and many of my colleagues to this day. Rick would be a valuable asset to any organization that has realized that the old ways of marketing need to be tweaked.”

Vinny Sosa
Sr. Manager Product Marketing