Strategic Services

Proven strategic planning processes.
Tied directly to value creation and results.
Custom developed by former Fortune 500 executive for your company.



Summary of Strategic Services

Disruptive Innovation

Thinking about introducing a new product line to address an undeserved segment or fuel growth against an entrenched competitor or established, outdated way of doing things?  We can help…


Technology Due Diligence

Considering a major investment or M&A decision?  Leverage our experience with business, software and technology to help you make the best decisions and avoid costly mistakes or surprises later.


How we can help as a strategic services partner

C-level executives recognize the need to drive change and innovation in order to address competitive threats, adapt to changing market conditions and to incorporate the latest technologies to meet emerging opportunities.

We can assist you with strategic planning tasks to:

  • Identify and quantify significant threats and risks posed by technology
  • Identify and quantify growth opportunities within existing markets
  • Identify new business models, routes to market and product strategies
  • Create a comprehensive product portfolio strategy designed for driving growth
  • Create an R&D strategy aimed at focusing resource utilization and boosting the level of innovation required to fuel future growth
  • Create “disruptive” growth strategies that use technology to reshape markets
  • Develop product strategy and corresponding roadmaps for achieving your financial and business objectives
  • Develop an intellectual property strategy and plan to erect barriers and protect critical assets
  • Develop a coherent build-buy-partner taxonomy and system for filtering and prioritizing investment and M&A opportunities.

Proven strategic planning processes.

For large corporations, we apply proven strategic planning processes and methods successfully employed by Fortune 100 companies to set and achieve strategic objectives and financial goals.  Importantly, these methods include effective strategies for gaining organizational and management team buy-in, then packaging and communicating strategic objectives throughout the organization to gain the traction required for proper execution.

For small-to-medium size companies, we apply proven “low impact” planning processes, with a focus on the company’s abilities to innovate, execute swiftly and achieve a limited yet focused set of strategic objectives, often supplemented by leveraging larger partners and other sources of increased business leverage.


Tied directly to value creation and results.

Effective strategies are those which can and will be put into practice throughout an organization, and which amplify and reinforce an organization’s ability to execute effectively against the competition. This leads to increased value creation by the business, and increased financial performance for fueling growth.

There are typically multiple potential strategies and paths available to take at any given time; however, we focus on prioritizing those which will ‘move-the-needle” and generate the sustainable growth you need to meet financial targets and management’s key objectives within a meaningful time frame.


Custom developed by former Fortune 100 executive for your company.

Our Strategic Services team is led by Rick Braddy, a C-level executive who understands first hand how to evaluate complex customer, market and technology circumstances, while understanding a company’s tactical abilities to execute effectively.  Each strategic plan is custom-developed for your company, taking into account business, market and technology factors unique to your specific situation and needs.


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Next Steps

“Rick has a great combination of visionary insight, technical skills and pragmatic execution. These attributes along with a tireless work ethic and team player attitude has made Rick a real asset to Citrix.”

Chris Fleck
Vice President, Strategic Alliances
Citrix Systems, Inc.

“I worked with Rick during his tenure as CTO at Citrix — he’s a very thorough, detailed technologist who sees the big picture and can relate well to both marketing and technology teams. He developed several master plans and technology roadmaps that are still in use.”

David Roussain
Vice President, Product Marketing

“Having worked with Rick for more than 6 years at Citrix, I have had nothing but the greatest respect for his contributions to the thinking and execution roles we’ve shared at the company.

There are few with the combination of technical, business and productization thoroughness than that of Rick. Considering multiple perspectives of success and what it takes to make the right product fit in the market place is something he contributes to the planning excercises. Preemptive in thinking about the “gotchas” areas, Rick can add value in many more areas than the conventional “CTO” technology space.

We’ve worked together through many projects, big and small, so I pass along this endorsement as a person that’s done hand to hand combat in the marketplace with Rick… couldn’t ask for a better alliance.”

Michael Richtberg
Sr. Director, Business Strategy