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Are hackers trying to break into your website and company?  

Have they already penetrated your servers?

Are you sure?


If you own and operate a website on the Internet, your site is almost certainly already under attack by hackers, cyber-thieves and other cyber crminals today.  And unless you are carefully monitoring your website’s error logs, your server security logs and other sources of break-in attempt intelligence, this is very likely going on undetected right now…

Hundreds of thousands of corporate servers are already compromised, and are actually being quietly and covertly used today by these criminals to mount their attacks throughout the Internet.  How do we know this for sure?  We see it happening every single day…


Understanding the threats and how these cyber criminals operate

Today’s hackers and cyber criminals use sophisticated attack bots, which automate a variety of attacks that take place around the clock on millions of websites across the Internet.  These attack bots identify vulnerabilities in your server configurations, web applications and scripts, then automate certain attacks designed to give these criminals a “foothold” on your server.  And once certain vulnerabilities are identified, if the bots can’t automatically break in, the human hacker then attacks the exploit directly.

Once they achieve a foothold, they are able to run scripts on or even log into your servers.

At this point they:

a) install their own software and bots on your servers to grow their attack empire,

b) use your domain and resources to attack other sites, and

c) probe your IT infrastructure, looking for other weak spots in order to gain access to credit card information, identity and information, financial information and other high-value, confidetnail information and resources.

Right now, you might be thinking… they can’t get to our servers – they’re protected by our firewall. If we had been hacked, we would know about it.

To be sure, if they can successfully break into the websites of the CIA and other sophisticated government agencies, military and bank sites, they can break into your site, servers and network, too.


What can be done about these serious security issues

Your servers, applications and data are the primary targets of the hacker and cyber criminal.

To minimize the risks from these cyber security threats, we can help you with the following:

  1. Review your existing security posture and provide you with an analysis of existing compromised servers, security holes and risk areas that need to be addressed
  2. Review your servers to identify software patches and updates that need to be applied
  3. Identify attacks that are underway against your servers, websites and resources, then recommend actions to take to seal up any cracks that exist
  4. Review your web applications and scripts to identify soft spots and harden them to prevent successful attacks
  5. Scan and analyze your systems for existing or prior breaches, along with taking remediation actions
  6. Harden your Windows and Linux servers and Internet services properly, so only your trusted administrators have authenticated, secure access
  7. Install monitoring processes to alert your administrators or site owner to potential break-ins or break-in attempts that warrant further scrutiny
Leverage our extensive experience with Internet security to assist you with these and other security-related issues, best practices and proactive security measures needed to protect your network and servers, and prevent unauthorized access and the associated risks to your business, brand and reputation.


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