Joined Virtual-Q as CTO

Every once in a while in one’s career, an exciting opportunity comes along that you just can’t pass up…

This past week I joined a local start-up company called Virtual-Q as  CTO.  Even I’m a bit amazed that things happened so quickly, as I’ve been in discussions with the cofounders for well over a year…

So why did I join Virtual-Q?  It’s a great opportunity to work with great people, great technology and great customers.  At the core, I’m an entrepreneur and product guy, which is what I love to do most!

Virtual-Q is at the right place at the right time with the right technology – something that doesn’t happen that often these days – and that means opportunity – for customers and for those who help those customers.

Virtual-Q helps companies reduce their total cost of ownership of applications and desktops, increase business continuity, improve security and compliance, and leverage existing IT investments.

The proprietary “Q” enterprise cloud-hosted desktop computing and virtualization technology defines a new industry platform for Computing-as-a-Service (CaaS) and delivers a complete cloud-hosted IT service that is securely accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime

Desktop virtualization has crossed the chasm as a technology, as customers are now eager to explore and adopt VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solutions.

Interestingly, one thing I learned while at CITRIX is, during tough economic times, reducing costs while continuing to support the business is always a top-priority for customers and IT – which is why virtualization and cloud computing solutions like Virtual-Q are in such great demand today and on top of CIO’s priority list today.

Traditional VDI allows IT to move business desktops and applications off the endpoint devices (e.g., a local PC or notebook PC) and host that business desktops and apps in a data center.  At the same time, mobile computing has taken the world by storm and is rapidly growing as well.  And if the intersection of these two markets weren’t enough, there’s another major market trend that is beginning its move into the mainstream: Cloud Computing.

Virtual-Q combines the best of desktop virtualization and cloud computing, while enabling Windows desktop access from any mobile device, Smartphone, tablet computer, home computer or thin client.

The demand for this kind of solution is growing because customers are looking for ways to simultaneously reduce the costs and complexity of IT, and deal with the onslaught of consumer mobile computing devices that must somehow be tamed for effective business use.

First, Hosting VDI inside a company’s own data center has proven expensive  – expanding company-owned data centers, requiring purchase of massive amounts of pricey SANS storage, servers and loads of perpetual software licenses.  These costs have held broad adoption of VDI back for the past several years.

Second, VDI adds a significant amount of complexity to IT, at a time when many companies (especially small-to-medium corporations) need to contain costs and become more efficient.  Most companies have spent the last five years on “server consolidation” and related projects to reduce the number of servers in the data center – and now VDI projects propose to erase those gains and expand the data center once again…

Virtual-Q addresses the issues posed by traditional, premise-based VDI solutions (cost, complexity and performance).  The “Q” virtual desktop solution is 100% hosted in the “cloud”, at one of the largest, most secure datacenters in the U.S.: Softlayer.  Softlayer provides the “Q” with virtually unlimited compute and storage capacity, available in an elastic, on-demand basis.

By centralizing the desktop management and providing secure remote access, there are many benefits – including improved security, centralized patching and updates- plus anywhere, anytime, any device access.  By leveraging Virtual-Q’s hosted virtual desktop, costs are reduced to a simple, predictable and relatively modest monthly bill.

The last thing I will say in this announcement post is that, while I’m obviously very excited about the technology, what I’m most excited about is working with the incredibly talented team at Virtual-Q, and helping customers achieve their business objectives.

Stay tuned – more details will be forthcoming as I find more time to blog about the exciting things we’re doing at Virtual-Q.


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